RAFRA - Balm Orange Pore Fresh Cleansing Balm 100g

Brand from Japan: RAFRA. Adds coolness and skin tightening ingredients to balm orange. Loosen make-up, dirt on pores, and dry and stiff skin, and wash it off to keep it cool. Contains AHA (fruit acid) -containing extract in addition to naturally-derived beauty essence ingredients mandarina coria, collagen, hyaluronic acid, honey, and royal jelly. It tightens the skin that is worrisome about pores and makes it smooth and transparent. Cleansing while being wrapped in the fresh scent of natural orange mint is as comfortable as an esthetic salon. How to use: Use with dry hands and face. Take one large muscat in the palm of your hand. The texture changes softly when warmed by rubbing firmly with the palms of both hands. Use the pad of your middle finger and ring finger to stretch it over your face and gently massage while enjoying the scent of natural orange. Add water or lukewarm water little by little to emulsify white and then rinse thoroughly.

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